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Public speaking engagements: workshops, courses & talks

Where Valerie Matarese PhD has recently spoken, in Italy and beyond:

Moderation of panel discussions

Mediterranean Editors and Translators, 15th annual meeting (METM19), Split (HR), 27 September 2019: "Can we make the world a better place? Realities, roadblocks and rewards for language professionals who work for philanthropic causes" with panelists Timothy Barton (UK), Karen Shashok (ES), Sandra Young (UK)) METM19
Mediterranean Editors and Translators, 14th annual meeting (METM18), Girona (ES), 5 October 2018: "Acknowledgments in the eyes of scholars using language services: perceptions of language professionals" with panelists Wendy Baldwin (ES), Mar Fernández Núñez (FR), Jackie Senior (NL), Kate Sotejeff-Wilson (FI) METM18 panel
SENSE 2018 Conference, ’s‐Hertogenbosch (NL), 9 June 2018: "Invasive species: Language versus subject specialists in biomedical editing and translation" with panelists Anne Murray (ES), Marije de Jager (IT), Emma Goldsmith (ES) SENSE2018 conference panel
Mediterranean Editors and Translators, 13th annual meeting (METM17), Brescia (IT), 28 October 2017: "Writing up research: insiders’ views on writing practices at research centers" with panelists Susan Frekko (ES), Maighread Gallagher-Gambarelli (FR), Ketevan Glonti (HR) METM17 panel
Mediterranean Editors and Translators, 8th annual meeting (METM12), Venice (IT), 26 October 2012: "Craft and critical vision: mastering the skills of good writing" with panelists Karen Shashok (ES), Tom Jefferson (IT), Loredana Polezzi (UK), Anne Pallant (UK)

Selected papers

Challenges in writing about contributorship. PubPeer comment, 16 July 2020. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.30975.23205

Acknowledging editing and translation: A pending issue in accountability. Accountability in Research. 2020; 27(4):238-239 ( Preprint

Transparent attribution of contributions to research: aligning guidelines to real-life practices. Publications. 2019; 7(2):24

Post-publication peer review in biomedical journals: overcoming obstacles and disincentives to knowledge sharing. RT. A Journal of Research Policy and Evaluation. 2018; 6(1)

Improving the biomedical research literature: insights from authors' editors can help journal editors define and refine their core competencies. F1000Research. 2018; 7:109

Reporting—the final phase of scientific research—can and should be supported. A case for integrating language professionals into the research setting. RT. A Journal of Research Policy and Evaluation. 2013; 1:1

Good language is vital to research communication. Research Information, 14 Jan 2013

Multiple rejections: role of the writing process. Lancet. 2011; 378:1296 (letter)

Independent information professionals in Europe: using geopolitical and cultural boundaries to advantage. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 2011; 37(3):37-39

Emerging concepts in high-impact publishing: insights from the First Brazilian Colloquium on High Impact Research and Publishing. Ann Ist Super Sanita. 2010; 46(4):451-455

Teaching and Learning Publishing Skills in Biomedical and Clinical Sciences: A Guide to Setting Educational Priorities. Up To it. 2010 (self-published white paper)

Relationship between quality and editorial leadership of biomedical research journals: a comparative study of Italian and UK journals. PLoS ONE. 2008; 3(7):e2512


Effective Biomolecular Reading and Writing, 2nd edn. Matarese Valerie Ann, Vidor, Italy, 2022

Editing Research: The author editing approach to providing effective support to writers of research papers. Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, USA, September 2016

Supporting Research Writing: Roles and challenges in multilingual settings. Chandos, Oxford, UK, 2013 (edited volume)


Supporting Research Writing in Non-Anglophone Contexts: Role of Language Professionals. 2016 meeting of European Association of Science Editors, Strasbourg. This poster won the Annals of Botany Award for Best Non-Medical Poster.

Authors' Editors: Partners in communication at the service of researchers and readers. 2016 meeting of European Association of Science Editors, Strasbourg. Research highlights from my book Editing Research.


METM12 — 8th annual meeting of Mediterranean Editors and Translators, Don Orione Artigianelli, Venice — Chair of the organizing committee

The English Language Consultant. MET's guidelines for choosing an editor, translator, interpreter or other language service provider — Chair of the revision committee

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