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Supporting Research Writing

Roles and challenges in multilingual settings

Published by Chandos Elsevier (November 2012)
285 pages, softbound and e-book
ISBN 978-1-84334-666-1
Available from the publisher and most online booksellers

Publisher's summary

Researchers who use English as a second (or additional) language often seek writing assistance to increase their chances of publication success. This support may come in the form of education in academic writing, translation, and editing — three activities that traditionally have little interaction.

Supporting Research Writing explores the range of services that facilitate research communication by non-native English speaking (NNES) authors. Written by experienced language professionals working across Europe, the book analyses the realities of offering these services in multilingual contexts and illustrates the benefits that result when the different services are purposely combined. It encourages readers to reflect on their roles and on the services that will best serve their clients' needs. The volume promotes the view that although educators, translators and editors differ in their primary approaches they share a common goal, namely helping NNES researchers publish clear, accurate and credible reports in English for international communication. This title will be a stimulus to professional development for the many persons who currently provide writing support and a resource for those entering the field. Four parts cover key topics: Teaching NNES authors to write in English; Helping NNES authors publish through translation; Facilitating publication through editing and writing support; and Blurring the boundaries. An afterword by the editor reflects on what it means to be a language professional and highlights recurring themes in supporting research writing.

Key points


"A MUST for anyone who supports research writing through editing, translation, or teaching" —Medical Writing

"This volume, with its focus on multilingual settings, is exactly the type of book that would have helped me when, as a scientist with no background in languages or in teaching, I was asked to help set up an English support team." —European Science Editing

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Supporting Research Writing