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Effective Biomolecular Reading and Writing, 2nd edition

Self-published, May 2022
196 pages, spiral bound
14 tables, 15 figures, 10 boxes
ISBN 979-12-210-0995-8
Available only to participants of Effective Biomedical Writing


This volume is the course manual for "Effective Biomedical Writing," an intensive, practical course in scientific writing for doctoral students and early career researchers. The second edition of the manual maintains the same overall structure of the 2017 edition, with content organized in two parts. Part I deals with broad topics of research publication, including biomedical research journals, IMRaD genre, scientific English (grammar and style), designing tables and figures, and reporting quantities and statistics. Part II presents methods and strategies for writing the different sections of an IMRaD research article and bringing a manuscript successfully through peer review.

The second edition presents new and revised content. In particular, Chapter I.5, “Reporting quantities and statistics”, has been entirely rewritten to incorporate important changes in the International System of Units, to provide greater guidance on sentence structure for statistics, and to explain and illustrate an emerging paradigm of statistical reporting now required by some medical journals. Chapter II.2, “Preparing the displays: tables and figures”, has been revised to provide more advice and instruction on choosing types of charts, making tables and figures, and writing table titles and figures legends. Short bibliographies of suggested reading material have been added to conclude some chapters. New tables, figures, and boxes address niche topics that were proving difficult to course participants.

The volume is written for scholars who use English as an additional language. By drawing on the authors’ extensive editorial experience, the volume specifically addresses the challenges of scientific English faced by native speakers of Romance languages, with numerous examples of typical mistakes and advice on how to avoid them. The language used in the book is American English, but the text addresses issues of writing in British English as well, with explanations of differences in terminology and usage between the two languages. Given the broad range of topics covered in the two parts of the book, Effective Biomolecular Reading and Writing will serve as a handy reference to participants after the course, as they advance in their research careers.


Download the Table of Contents, Preface, and Chapter 1


"The book is an incredibly useful resource that I will keep on using for all upcoming articles." —Participant of the 8th edition of the course, Milan 2021

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