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Effective Biomolecular Reading and Writing

Self-published, February 2017
165 pages, spiral bound
13 tables, 13 figures, 6 boxes
ISBN 979-12-200-1879-1
Available only to participants of Effective Biomedical Writing


This volume is the course manual for "Effective Biomedical Writing," an intensive practical course in scientific writing for doctoral students and early career researchers. It is written for scholars who use English as an additional language, especially those unfamiliar with the speech of a native English speaker. Accordingly, it presents the content of the lectures, but not all the examples and exercises used in class. The language used is American English, but the text addresses issues of writing in British English as well, with explanations of differences in terminology and usage between the two languages.

Course participants are recommended to read the relevant lecture notes both before each lesson (to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary) and afterward (to reinforce concepts). The handbook will also serve as a reference for course participants after the course is over. For this reason, it is organized in two parts, the first dealing with issues and ethics of research publication and the second describing methods for writing scientific articles. This is not the same organization as that of the class work, as each day of the course addresses topics from both parts of the handbook.


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