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Up To it! carries out research for information about Italy
for foreign companies interested in the Italian market, since 1997

When scientific, technical or commercial documentation is required for the development of a business strategy or to guide an important decision regarding Italy, consider contacting Up To it!'s Italian Information Research Service.

The only Italian information research service specialized in serving English-speaking clients.

Research areas

- News analysis
- Due diligence support
- Fact checking
- Industry profiles
- Market research
- Company profiles
- Public records
- Italian legislation
Key characteristics
  • Insight into Italian Information  With over 15 years' experience, I have a deep knowledge of the sources (and qualities) of Italian information as well as of Italians' relationship with information. I use this knowledge to provide clients with the most reliable answers and to help them understand the potential limits of that information.
  • Rapid Turnover  Business information needs are always urgent. For every new request, I gauge the amount of time available and the complexity of the questions, and propose a research strategy that will provide useful and valid answers while respecting delivery times.
  • Clear English  I am skilled in summarizing large quantities of Italian news and information into well organized and clearly written reports in English. All statements in the reports are fully supported by citations to the original source documents, with comments on their reliability and authority.
  • Straight Answers  Communication in the Mediterranean area is not always direct. When you contact Up To it!, I'll tell you if I think the job can or cannot be done — or if I cannot do it. During a long project, I'll keep you informed of the progress. Communication lines are always open.
  • Professional, Ethical Conduct  I provide free written estimates of feasibility, costs and time to delivery, and I maintain all agreed deadlines. I respect Italian and international laws on privacy and copyright, and adhere to AIIP's Code of Ethical Business Practice, in particular with regard to legality, client's confidentiality, and intellectual property rights. I do not offer industrial espionage nor private investigative services.
I carry out predominantly online research using Italian sources (e.g. company databases, news media archives), deep searching of the Italian web and, sometimes, phone research. Obtaining information by telephone in Italy is a delicate matter (which touches on issues of privacy and data handling): I'll pick up the phone for research only in situations deemed appropriate and likely to succeed.

Valerie Matarese, Up To it! About me
I'm Valerie Matarese, Ph.D., an independent information professional in Italy. Since 1997, I've focused my professional attention on quality information, and I've divided my professional activities between information research and scientific editing. Both areas require an ability to handle complex topics, to work with precision, attention to detail, rigor, clarity and concentration, and to be skilled in critical evaluation and efficient writing.

I have degrees from Cornell University (New York) and from the University of Minnesota, and have worked as a researcher in university settings on both US coasts and at two multinational firms in the food and drug industries. After years of city life, I am pleased to run a successful independent, international information business from a small town in northeastern Italy.
Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss an information need, request a price quote, or simply learn more about how information research works at Up To it! For further information or:

Valerie Matarese, Ph.D.
UpTo infotechnologies
Via Roma 10, I-31020 Vidor (TV), Italy
Tel.: +39-345-449-5281

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