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Medical research? Let's talk about it!

Ricerca medica? Parliamone!

One-on-one conversation, in English with an expert, online with Skype

Going to an international conference? Collaborating with researchers in other countries? Your spoken English is just as important as your written English, and both impact strongly on how you are perceived by your international colleagues. This service is designed especially for Italian researchers in the biomedical sciences.

Practice your conference presentation or sharpen both your English and your scientific knowledge by discussing these topics:

Sign up now for a package of 5 hours (5 one-hour sessions or 10 half-hour sessions, at your pace and at times convenient for you). All you need is a good Internet connection and the free Skype software for voice over Internet (audio) or web conferencing (audiovideo).

Valerie Matarese is a scientific editor specialized in the biomedical sciences and dedicated to working with Italian researchers. She is a native speaker of English from New York, and has lived and worked in Italy for 25 years. As a former biomedical researcher herself, today she helps Italian researchers write for publication, through editing and courses in scientific writing. She regularly collaborates with Istituto Nazionale Tumori (Milan) and Springer Milan; since 2007 she has been the editor and medical writer of, a website dedicated to multidetector computed tomography.

Cost and conditions
First 15 minutes free, by appointment
€350,00 (IVA included), for a 5-hour package. Prepayment required
Special introductory offer: €280 (-20%). Valid until 31 March 2017

Contact Valerie Matarese ( or +39-345-449-5281)

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Valerie Matarese PhD, editor in the biomolecular sciences

Your language coach for fluid spoken English suitable for scholarly research settings